Beautiful chinese pop singer Fan bing bing

Fan Bingbing (born 16 September 1981) is a Chinese actress and Mandopop singer. 

Fan is originally from Qingdao, in Shandong province. She graduated from Xie Jin's Star School and Shanghai Theater Academy.
Fan rose to stardom for her role as Jin Suo in the Taiwanese TV sitcom Princess Pearl and its sequel in 1998. Fan starred alongside Andy Lau as cavalry chief Yiyue in the A Battle of Wits in 2006.


Year       Title      
2001       Reunion              
   Love at First Sight                            
2002       The Lion Roars  
2003       Cell Phone         
2004       The Twins Effect II                          
   A Chinese Tall Story                       
2005       A Battle of Wits
2006       The Matrimony                
   Sweet Revenge                               
  Lost in Beijing                   
  Call for Love                      
  Flash Point                         
2007       Contract Lover                 
  Home Run                          
  Crossed Lines                   
2008       Kung Fu Hip-Hop                             
  Shinjuku Incident                            
  Desires of the Heart                      
  Sophie's Revenge                           
2009       East Wind Rain                 
Bodyguards and Assassins                          
2010       Zhaoshi Gu'er

source  :  Fan_Bingbing 

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